How can you NOT LOVE this face?

Hello, Rose!

Our big baby Baron is turning 3 today! He was from LizzyB and Thunders group of puppies 3 years ago. He's such a beautiful, well behaved, loving dog it's ridiculous. I have 2 little boys and he treats them with all the love and care as any big brother should. He's super protective and even when my boys were a bit younger and would accidentally hurt him, he'd just whimper a bit and them lick them on the face. Not a mean bone on that dog's body... well, I wouldn't want to test that out, as he's 100lbs of woofy lightning! When I was teaching my son some boxing moves in the back yard, you'd better believe that dog was watching closely. Heh. I don't think he would ever hurt me, but I know he doesn't like people messing with my boys! He sleeps with my 10 year old every night and occasionally tries to sleep with the 8 year old, but the little guy is on the top bunk and Baron gets stuck up there

Anyway, I met a lady today and she asked where I got Baron and I told her about your website (I still remember it off the top of my head). So if someone from the Tri-Cities area calls or writes you asking about getting a GSD, tell them I said they won't be sorry!

Okay, so, here is a picture of the birthday boy! I should add in this picture he's being cute. Normally he's a lot goofier and kind of a dork. But we all love him so much! Best dog I've ever had.